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DIET ENRICH - Manasi Joshi

Introduction of DIET ENRICH 

With love and dedication in the field, we have created DIET ENRICH. For us, DIET ENRICH means enriching your diet with local & seasonal wholesome foods. With our busy life, we are missing on many nutritious foods in our daily diet. This leads to chronic nutritional deficiencies & in many cases, lifestyle related disorders. 

Take first-hand experience at DIET ENRICH and get food educated to achieve healthier life with tasty and healthy recipes. 

This app is a one stop solution for getting in touch with your health coach. Here, you can chat with your coach, book an appointment, make a video call, receive diet plans & recipes, maintain daily food diary. The plans are full of practical tips & tricks to achieve your health goal. 

At DIET ENRICH, we help you to achieve your health goal without getting negative relationship with foods. The base of your diet plans will be as per your food preferences, your culture and current routine. Hence, you can seamlessly merge these changes in your daily routine for lifetime.  

DIET ENRICH is very well-known in Indians living away from our motherland. We guide them to achieve a golden mean between our Indian traditional cooking and their newly adapted eating habits with the new lifestyle adapted there.

DIET ENRICH is getting fame as ONLINE DIET CONSULTATION SERVICE amongst Indians across the globe. DIET ENRICH is a one stop solution for health & fitness enthusiasts. 

Welcome to DIET ENRICH. We’ll, make sure that you’ll not regret your decision. 


You can connect with us:

On Whatsapp: +91-9922000408

On call: +31-645646964





Dt. Manasi Joshi is well-known dietitian from Pune with 12+ years of rich experience in the field. She is a qualified Dietitian with M.Sc. in Dietetics (University of Pune) & Diabetes educator (International Diabetes Federation, UK)

Dt. Manasi Joshi is a well-known Indian Dietitian based in the Netherlands, Europe.

She is a Global coach with clients from across the globe (India, USA, Europe, & Australia etc.). She helps Indians across the globe to lead healthy lifestyle. She believes in ‘Prevention is better than cure’. So, if you are leading a busy lifestyle and looking for a work-life balance to manage healthy diet and lifestyle; her app DIET ENRICH is the best solution for you.

She always aims at finding a golden middle of your health and treating your taste buds. She is against trends like crash diet, meal replacers, skipping meals etc., She firmly believes in healthy food habits and natural ways to optimize lifestyle. 

In order to keep up with the pace of our busy schedules, she adapted to online diet consultation program in early 2018, way before the Covid-19 pandemic made it mandatory for all. 

Her expertise is:

Weight loss

Weight gain 

Diabetes management 

Hormonal imbalance (PCOS/PCOD, Hypothyroidism etc)

Paediatric nutrition (weaning foods, healthy eating habits in children, weight management in children and teenagers), 

Pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and lactation 

and Gestational Diabetes. 

Earlier in her career, she actively participated in some research programs, which forms the base of her practice.

Before starting her freelance practice, she worked with different institutes in India like: Wockhardt Hospital, Nashik, KEM Hospital, Pune, and VLCC Healthcare Pvt Ltd (Slimming Department), Pune.