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Manasi Joshi

Manasi Joshi

Introduction of DIET ENRICH 

With love and dedication in the field, we have created DIET ENRICH. For us, DIET ENRICH means enriching your diet with local & seasonal wholesome foods. With our busy life, we are missing on many nutritious foods in our daily diet. This leads to chronic nutritional deficiencies & in many cases, lifestyle related disorders. 

Take first-hand experience at DIET ENRICH and get food educated to achieve healthier life with tasty and healthy recipes. 

This app is a one stop solution for getting in touch with your health coach. Here, you can chat with your coach, book …

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Tracking your Health and Following Diet Plans are NOW EASY! From chatting with your Dietitian and following a diet plan to Tracking your Progress, Diet Enrich is handling everything for you.

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